Supporting information


This work comes with a paper (Paoli et al. "Biosynthetic potential of the global ocean microbiome.", Nature 2022), which is also available as a preprint. If you use this resource, please consider crediting the people that generated the metagenomic data (Tara Oceans, Malaspina as well as Biogeotraces, HOT and BATS) and produced the publicly available genomes (GORG SAGs, The MAR Databases and manually-curated MAGs).

Download from the server

Want to use the data locally? All of it can be downloaded directly from our servers.

Download from Zenodo

In addition, most files (except very large ones) are versioned and available on this Zenodo repository.

Download from ENA

You can also find the metagenomic assemblies, bins and MAGs at ENA.


Finally, if you want to dig in, the code is available on Github.